Fanteziile sexuale ale soţului meu aproape că m-au înnebunit

My husbands wild desires
de John Tobias

Traducerea şi adaptarea: Costin Manoliu şi Anna Maria Popa


Doamna Griffin / Gabriela Butuc
Domnul Griffin / Mihai Bica
Luise / Viorica Geantă-Chelbea
Connelly / Demis Muraru
Hoţul / Mădălin Mandin

Regia : Puiu Şerban

Decorul: Mihai Mădescu

Costumele: Luana Drăgoiescu

Durata: 1h 40’

Data premierei: 15 februarie 2008

Grafică afiș: Bogdan Spătarul

Preţuri bilete:

  • Categoria I – 25 lei
  • Categoria II – 20 lei
  • Preţ redus  – 7 lei
    Reducerile sunt acordate pentru pensionari, elevi şi studenţi.


My husbands wild desires

John Tobias (born 1969 in Chicago) is a playwright and American scriptwriter, known especially for his scenarios (written with Ed Boon), for video games and then later  for the Mortal Kombat movies. Currently, he continues to write scenarios for video games, games that enjoy great demand.
As a playwright, he is known especially for the comedies: My husband’s wild desires almost drove me mad, or Is the Real You Really You?
“What do people usually do when they are overwhelmed with boredom? Opt for one of the following solutions:
-Change your partner. Unfortunately, this rarely happens without pain and disaster. (…)
-They resemble to live without erotic happiness. Life is undoubtedly possible if the feelings for each other are strong, although they risk losing their intensity (…).
-They regenerate and renew body exchanges so as to maintain the partner’s interest. (…) And in order for this renewal to be given all chances, why not use Treaties “

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