Prins în plasă

Caught in the net
de Ray Cooney


Performance distribution:

Mihai Bica

Mihai Giurițan

Gabriela Butuc

Carmen Moruz/Ligia Stan

Tudor Hurmuz/Vlad Pavel

Claudia Suliman

Gabriel Costea

Performance Director: Cristian Ioan

Performance Scenography: Alexandra Dumitru

Technical Director: Vasile David

Lighting Designer: Petrică Munteanu (Chief Lighting Designer), Tudor Smeu (Lighting Designer), Tudor Damian (Lighting Designer)

Sound Designer: Ovidiu Grădinar (Chief Sound Designer), Florin Aflorei (Sound Designer)

Prompter: Marin Cârstea

Release date: May 24th, 2017

Ticket Prices:

  • Unique price  – 30 lei
  • Reduced price  – 10 lei
    Discounts are granted for retirees, pupils and students.


It seems that the playwriter, Ray Cooney managed to render the infidelity of a man, with a very sparkling sense of humor. The comedy is about a taxi driver in London, John Smith, who is bigamous and has two parallel lives and a very strict schedule, so as to juggle with the two wives, a wife in Streatham and another wife in Wimbledon.

Ray Cooney is one of the most famed boulevard comedy playwriters, who creates his heroes and the circumstances where they act, with the precision and detail of a watchmaker. Each character has a foolish, yet tragic fate. The play ”Prins în plasă” – “Caught in the Net” has an alert rhythm, everything runs between lies and deception, impossible situations with comic effect, crazy scenes, to which you can’t possibly figure out an ending.

”For two hours, the audience will have the opportunity to forget about their important or less important problems. Why should they come to watch the performance? Because it is healthy and beneficial for any man to laugh out loud. “, states the Performance Director: Cristian Ioan.

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